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Helikal-Gewindeformer / Punch Tap

Reinforced punch tooth

Production of the helical groove and material guidance
prior to actual threading


Coolant / lubricant

Internal coolant supply (IKZ) and
minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) possible


Threaded part

The special geometry of the teeth
produces the thread in one step



For assembly of the tool with the tool holder in
the correct position, fits the inclined clamping flat


Reinforced precision shank

For optimum run-out accuracy and high
torque transmission


Square and inclined clamping flat

Pull-out protection and antirotation lock of the tool

Punchtap Adapter (PT-Synchro)

Punch Tap-Holder (PT-Synchro)

The force-locked rigid clamping via a cylindrical ER collet enables a high torque, an increased clamping force as well as an excellent run-out accuracy
Square integrated in holder (narrowed tolerances)
Clamping screw positioned radially on inclined clamping flat serves as pull-out protection
Axial adjustment screw, configurable for emulsion / oil / minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)