Punch Tap Tool

Punch Tap helical cold-forming taps are produced from a special high-speed steel (HSSE-PM).

A helical cold-forming tap has an internal coolant supply and can be used with internal cooling or minimal quantity lubrication (MQL).

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Punch Tap Tool Holder PT-Synchro

A special tool holder with collet, lateral clamping screw and integrated shank square provide connection to the machine.

Punch Tap Halter


Features on the PT-Synchro:

The force-locked rigid clamping via a cylindrical ER collet enables a high torque, an increased clamping force as well as an excellent run-out accuracy
Square integrated in holder (narrowed tolerances)
Clamping screw positioned radially on inclined clamping flat serves as pull-out protection
Axial adjustment screw, configurable for emulsion / oil / minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

Further spindle adaption designs upon request available!

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