Makino can save time with Punch Tap

Makino now equips machines with Punch Tap cycle for time-saving purposes in thread machining.

The Japanese machine manufacturer Makino now delivers their L and J series machine tools with the Punch Tap cycle as standard. This cycle enables their customers to produce threads in a time-saving manner. A YouTube video demonstrates the amount of time savings. In this example M6 threads are cold-formed in cast aluminium on a Makino L2 machining centre using EMUGE Punch Tap tools.

パンチタップ(Punch tap)

高速攻丝丝锥(Punch tap)

25.11.2020 | News
Faster threading <br /> for 5 years in serial production

Since 2016 internal threads on 3-liter V6 engines at Audi plant in Hungary have been formed using the Punch Tap technology to save time. Different aluminum alloys are processed reliably with MQL. The tools reliably achieve the tool life of 200,000 threads per tool in series production.

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11.01.2021 | Allgemein
Small thread in record time

With Punch Tap tools of the micro series, internal threads M1 to M3 can be produced up to three times faster in aluminum. Also the threading of lead-free brass (e.g. Ecobrass) is time-saving with the tools.

Kern is now making the Punch Tap cycle available in all new machines. Upgrade with Punch Tap cycle of existing machines is also offered.

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01.02.2021 | Allgemein